The Design Development

It is during this stage that the Concept will start to feel more like a reality. Creating deliverables, including CAD Drawings, that your contractors can work with. We will work on the detailed design of the proposed fitted cabinetry, kitchens, and bathrooms. We will create plans and elevated drawings and start working with any selected specialists. We will create the proposed lighting design and socket placements. Although the lighting and socket plans can be a little tedious for a lot of our clients, lighting is an essential part of the design process. Fundamental to creating the right atmosphere and enhancing your interiors. We like you to understand the thought process behind all our designs. However, we’ll make it up to you with the fun side of looking at samples that you’ll be able to hold and feel not to mention a list of furniture for you to go and view. You will be invited to your own online studio to view proposed items, and visit different suppliers and the studio over in Felden, to review physical samples of materials. Once this stage is complete we’ll review your budget and make sure that everything is on track, making any necessary amendments. Drawing up your shopping list and specification of materials.